ds1307 in assembly

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    Feb 12, 2014
    i want drive a ds1307 with ATmega32 in assembly

    (ATmega32 works in 8 MHZ internal oscillator mode)

    i use this simple program for drive ds1307 and its not working ...

    leds randomly turn on and off

    the purpose of this program is first send primary Values to ds1307


    and then reading second and send it to porta.(to show on leds)

    would you please correct this program or write another simple

    program like this one

    (i am beginner in assembly and i searched internet and found nothing )

    attention: this mode i used in my program called hardware i2c mode

    which is used pc0 and pc1 as scl and sda and use registers like

    twbr/ /twsr/twcr/twdr

    the program: