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We are not going there. This is not an appropriate subject.

The TOS even has several paragraphs on it in general.

1. Appropriate conduct. Debates should be a civil activity and can be both enlightening and entertaining, but always keep discussion to the facts and the opinions. Ad hominem tactics and directed abuse are always "off-topic".

Forum members are responsible for the content of their posts, including information they provide, validity of this information, and any extra content they may append to the post. Illegal or inappropriate discussion or information will be removed. When there is ambiguity in the legal status of a request or reply, the Moderators and Admin will come to a consensus on whether the discussion is appropriate to remain in the public forum.

Forum members must not knowingly provide any information that may adversely affect another member; this includes, but is not restricted to, information that may potentially result in injury, death, damage or destruction of property and possessions. The administration takes this matter seriously and has the right to remove any contentious content and deal with the offending member as it deems is necessary.
Not open for further replies.