drought in Texas and artificial rain

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In the news they were telling that Texas is going through worst drought since many years. To cut the long story short and coming to the main point, I wanted to ask that why don't they use artificial rain to counter this? I understand it would be difficult to conduct such a program throughout the state but it won't be a bad idea to implement in some specific areas badly affected by the drought. Perhaps, even to induce artificial rain you need have some prerequisites such as percentage of water content in air etc. Some time ago I remember in China cloud seeding was used. Please let me know the reasons. Thank you.



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Part of the problem is we have been having more than drought, it has also been unusually and exceptionally hot. Since you haven't modified your profile to show your location I'll use Fahrenheit, think in terms of 3 months continuous temperatures of 105°F to 115°F weather. Even for Texas this is something special. It has finally broke, thank God. We are down to 90°F to 100°F for the last two days, which is more normal for this part of the world.

This is the worst drought in recorded history for Texas as far as I know.


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The police had an off road chase and their mufflers started a fire. I don't know if that jumped to wildfire status or not.


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It happened within the last two weeks. My wife saw it on TV,

Since this is an electronics forum, about 15 years ago, a small grassland fire was started when an top loading element of a 700 foot tower,\ was lowered to repair the insulator and the "hot" side of the TLE touched the grass. That happened about 400 miles NW of here in the Oklahoma Panhandle. It was immediately controlled by those doing that evolution.


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@ Joe,Thats the differents between accident and arson,control,responce.
Lightning,forgot no witness to report right away,but they do have better
radar,they can monitor the pings. How much can they do from space,
where there smoke there fire.Labor vs labor,you always see fire fighters
turning over the ground with pick and shovel to control ash,there are
better labor ways,maybe there a smoke eater on our Forum.This would
an example using a disc to train without patent. All that digging has to
take toll on man power energy,anyone disagree.
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