driving single phase AC motor & SPICE simulating

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I need a signal to drive a small motor that doesn't have the electrical specs and have to make some guesses and experiment to find out what it actually needs. It's actually here on ebay:


The seller didn't seem to understand anything about the specs other than what it says on the packet.

I'm guessing that it's single phase and by 12-20v ac they mean RMS, so the minimum voltage it would need is about 17v peak or 34v peak to peak. I have no idea what frequency signal it would need, I'm gonna try 60Hz and presumably it will rotate at roughly that rate hopefully. Do you think it needs a proper sine wave or will a rough sine wave or square wave do the trick? I've heard some motors can take an ac or dc signal.

How do I simulate a motor in SPICE as the load for an output signal? For an ac motor I think I can just substitute an inductor but have no idea roughly what size inductance.

Any good guesses appreciated.


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Just take a step down transformer which outputs 12V AC (input depends on your mains voltage) and connect it to the motor. If you can find a 15V AC transformer it will be better because you don't know the working frequency of the motor. Take care of the power the motor need as not to burn the transformer.