Driving multiple Rgb leds-Please help

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Hi all, My name is Lesly and I Am obsessed with this idea that I have. Unfortunately, when it comes to electronics im blind, deaf and mute. In all my obsession is to effectively and efficiently drive 35-40 SMD RGB leds. I have found this great controller that appears suitable for driving the leds.

1. I want to connect the leds to my 12v car battery
A: Will a 12 v car battery supply sufficient voltage and current?
B: If not, how do I boost the power supply and maintain constant voltage and current?

2: Parallel or series?
A: Should the leds be in series or parallel.
B: How long should each strand be.

3: Components I am Using - Controller and Leds
RGB Controller- MultiLine RGB Fader V2.0
- Speeds: 9
- Channels: 3
- Status LEDs: 12
- 16.000.000 colors
- Reverse polarity protection
- PWM: 150Hz (no flickering!)
- Input: 7-30V DC
- Output: Depending on the input
- Uses common anode (plus)
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 110x111x25mm
- Max. capacitance per channel: 10A
- Max. LED forward voltage: 35V DC
- Max. total capacitance of illuminants: 20A over soldering pads or 16A over clamps
* Can I use the MCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo Board to boos the controller.
PCB with 5 LEDs provide for evaluation
Compact size with high output power
High efficiency over entire operating input voltage range
Selectable 350 mA or 700 mA output current
Up to 30W output power
Optional software dimming control
500 kHz switching frequency can be changed in firmware
Additional application functions can be provided in firmware
Forward voltage min typical max for. current
RED LED 2.0 2.3 2.8 120 ma
GREEN LED 3.0 3.5 4.0 150 ma
BLUE LED 3.0 3.5 4.0 150ma


Please help in any way you can Im willing to PAY