Driving 3W RGB Common Anode LED ...#2

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Red plus green plus blue LEDs produce white only if the percentages are correct. The LED colors have different efficiencies so you must try adjusting the currents if you want white light.
A 3W LED operating at more than about 1W must have a heatsink to prevent it from melting.


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Why don't you do yourself a big favor and use a 100 watt RGB COB instead of 3 watt LEDs? Then use 3 constant current dimmable drivers. (or a single one if available)

You will waste a lot of power trying to drive those with resistors, but it is possible.

In order to use constant current RGB drivers you will need at least 33 of them because the 3 watt LEDs have a common anode. (I assume based on the link to the other thread) If they are 6 pin then you can drive them in series.

So if you need to spread this flood over a large area and that is why you chose 3 watt LEDs...good luck.