drill press electric motor rocks

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hi guys new to this so hope someone can help.
just got given a drill press mt3 when ever i start it the motor rocks back and forth until i grab the chuck and spin it in the right direction. the drill press has never been used sat under guys house for over 12 months so could this be the problem. once spinning it works fine. any help would be grateful.


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Remove power and check the connections on the motor start capacitor. They may have visible or non-visible corrosion. You'll need to keep power off, work with insulated tools in case the capacitor has a charge and work the connections off and back on which should help.


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i concur with mr meval ,it seems something is wrong with the start capacitor or its associated winding. a single phase motor without start winding behaves that way.


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Once you've done that and it works I'd recommend you clean all the connections and examine the power cord. Being stored that long in that environment is not good for it. Any other connection whether bolted down or using a spade connector should be cleaned. It will help heat from building up and damaging that connection.

If any look really bad a bit of scotch bright will help if you can get it in. Fine sandpaper can be cut to fit in spade lugs to clean those. If they are so corroded as to be pitted replace them.

Sometimes water will wick up stranded wire and cause problems. If the wire is 'rotted', so corroded as to be weak you can trim the wire back to where you find good copper and splice in a piece. Use the proper pre-made crimp splices and replacement spade lugs (or what ever connector it had on it) and not duck tape or electrical tape. ;)


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In addition to checking the wiring for corrosion problems, you should also check the quill & spindle, and the gear which raises and lowers the quill. Make sure these "guts" are well cleaned and lubricated. A little steel wool (not the soapy kind) or some very very fine sandpaper will be of great help if there is any rust present.