DPDT Relay Susbstitution Query???

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New to form and I have not dealt with circuits for quite a while. This may appear to be dumb question to most, but is there anyone that can tell me if there is a way to replace a DPDT Relay with a transistor or other type of component? I am trying to modify an existing circuit that utilizes several relays away and separated from a main controller board.

My goal is to reduce the circuit so that I have only one relay at the main controller as well as reduce the wiring demand. My other goal is to reduce the size of the component boxes at each satellite box.

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More information -- what else did you expect? :)

1) Is the relay used to switch power or is it used in a logic sense?
2) Are both contacts of the DT function utilized? That is, is the NC switch important as well as the NO switch function?
3) Take a look at this recent thread related to getting the NC function with solid state devices: http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?t=10753
4) If it is power, what sort of requirements does it have to provide?
5) Have you considered solid-state relays? I am not suggesting they will work. The question is to get a better understanding of the problem.