Downloading the text books

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I m very glad to read the online text books offered by AAC. Unfortunately in my area of residence does not have internet facility even upto a bare minimum standard, like, the dial up lines will allow me to browse at a spped of 1kb / sec maximum. And moreover, getting cinnection is very difficult. Maximum u can expect to be successfully connected in ten deliberate attempt. So reading these books online becomes almost impossible for me (and some of my friends from same area).

In this context I would like to request u to let me know how can I download these books and read those offline (I may be able to download successfully with the aforesaid difficulties by using some software like getright pro).

Yes I can download page by page buit that would be very tedious job I think so I want to download the entire book ( like Volume I - DC) all together.

I will be greatfull if any of u give me some guidelines. Thanx a lot.