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    Aug 17, 2010
    Hi Guys,
    forgive me, it is surely a silly question but i am stuck. i need to control a LED with an output pin of an 8051 micrcontroller. basically the micrcontroller is running a code and when a condition is verified ,an output pin is cleared. this ouput is linked to the anode of a LED which should be wired to the VCC via a resisitor. the resistor and LED should be placed on a dedicated bread board which should be connected to 5v voltage.

    what should I do with the GND section on the broadboard?? should i leave it unconnected? will the VCC wire make any sense on its own without GND? or should i rather not to power up the breadboard and connect a resistor leg to the VCC output of the power supply? which is the correct way and why?
    thank you
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    The breadboard is not a device, per se. It is just a bunch of 'sockets'.

    You dont power the breadboard. You just use it instead of soldering.