doubt in pic18f4550 working

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I'm newbie using microcontrollers.I was going thro' pic18f4550 datasheet.
I found the "flexible clock structure" confusing. it says
Five Crystal modes, including High-Precision PLL
for USB
• Two External RC modes, up to 4 MHz
• Two External Clock modes, up to 40 MHz
• Internal oscillator block:
- 8 user selectable frequencies, from 31 kHz to 8 MHz
- User tunable to compensate for frequency drift
• Secondary oscillator using Timer1 @ 32 kHz

I'm supposed to get data from a ADC-ads7888 serially giving a serial clk of 25Mhz.
All i wanna know is if i can use a crystal of 40Mhz for the pic18f and
derive 25Mhz by programming(toggling a port with some delay corr to 25Mhz) for the ADC Sclk.

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I'd appreciate more if any1 could help me comprehend the text in bold

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hi mik3.
i read the datasheet oscillator part.
is what i say b'lo correct?:confused:?
using a 20mhz xtal and setting divide factor by 5 , we get 4mhz for pll and again dividing 96mhz by 2 we get clk for usb operation as 48mhz.
for cpu clock too shd we use the same oper freq = 48mhz.?
(i am using the mcu for usb communication with pc in full speed mode)

kindly reply..

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You can use an external crystal for the USB and the internal oscillator for the PIC if you want.