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Hello everyone,
Currently, I'm running Window Home XP edition and have been using command prompt with compilers to make c programs. I was wonder if there is a difference between using the command prompt in the start menu, and using the "command" command in the run dialog box? Both prompts are different at the heading, but is there really a difference?

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CMD.EXE can run in native 32 bit mode.
COMMAND.COM is hobbled to 16 bit mode, and must run under ntvdm.exe

If you try to look at a directory in a COMMAND.COM box, you won't see long filenames.

If you invoke CMD.EXE from within a Windows 32-bit environment, you'll see the long filenames.


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Adding to that, typing "command" in the "Run..." box will call COMMAND.COM. Yo can call CMD.EXE by simply typing "cmd" in the same box. Best practice is to type "cmd.exe" to avoid companion virus (although these are obsolete).

You can also call COMMAND.COM from the DOS prompt (CMD.EXE) as you would call any other external command. Simply type "command" or "" on the console.