Doppler effect

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    Sep 24, 2009
    hey young and prospective engineers. I am a second year electrical engineering degree student who was told to research the application of Doppler effect and use this knowledge to design a device that will operate under this principle. I've been brain storming and im still without an idea. Feel free to share any idea you may have.
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    One idea I read about years ago was a short-range ultrasonic rangefinder.

    The concept is that you generate an ultrasonic frequency 'sweep', with the frequency controlled by a slow sawtooth ramp.

    You receive simultaneously, with a notch following the transmit to give some attenuation of the TX signal.

    Any objects in the beam produce echoes at different time intervals, which due to the constantly changing frequency give beat notes proportional to distance.

    It's not conventional doppler sonar, but definitely unusual.