Door Bell Relay Latch and Unlatch Help

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    Apr 15, 2009
    I have a Doorbell circuit and i have removed just the speaker, when the transmitter button is pressed the wires where the speaker have going to them is 3V, i have connected an LED to it and it powered it just to see if it was working. I want to connect a relay to these wires so i can power a light However the 3V is not enough power to move the relay i have (9V SPDT, Coil resistance = ???) Another problem is the power to the wires is on a 2-3 second timer and i dont want the relay to click click click, i want to press the button and the relay clicks (and ,my light is on i know how to wire that part) and i leave it on for as long as i need then press he button and it goes off.

    Thanks, Chris
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