Does This Component Exist ??? (and if so what is it?)

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Hi Folks,

First time posting (hopefully in the correct area), looking for some EE guidance. I’m searching for a component, and any feedback would be highly appreciated. In effect, I’m looking for the equivalent of a “multi-channel” MOSFET, but don’t know if it exists, or what it’s called.

With your standard LOGIC N-channel transistor, say FQP50N06L, simply pop the gate with 20mA, and 700mA (anywhere between 3 and 30 volts which will vary) flows between the source and sink to light up LEDs. The logic level ‘type’ is handy for high power efficiency and utilizing various PWM, which I’ve tested successfully at some respectable frequencies.

Like most of the kind, this fet is disconnected (off) till hit with a control signal, then switches active (on) when triggered, allowing the current to pass. For my design, I need the equivalent. However, I’d like channel A “on” all the time. When the control signal arrives, it switches channel A “off,” and routes the power through channel B (turns channel B “on”). Basically, I just need just a simple switch which can handle higher power and be controlled by a microcontroller.

In hopes of making myself understandable, think of a railroad switcher. The trains can cruise down the main avenue unimpeded, but bump the switching post, and the trains travel down another rail.

I’d prefer to simply purchase an inexpensive device rather than building my circuit bigger with multiple components. This is to control about ten 3-Watt LEDs (wired in series) independently, all lights connected to a single power source.

Any advice? Thanks for reading.