does Max 8903 Get+ ic, CEN pin has to be connected to ground?

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Hi All,
I am working with MAX8903GET+, I read the data sheet and it is little confusing for me ,

I need to switch MAX 8903 from DC input power to Battery and vice versa. in order make this transition do I need to connect pin 14 ( CEN pin ) to GND ?

I have also attached the data sheet.

The reason for my confusion is because of below descriptions in the datasheet:

page 12 : mentioned as
Charger Enable Input. Connect CEN to GND to enable battery charging when a valid source is connected at DC or USB. Connect to VL, or drive high to disable battery charging

page 18:

When CEN is low, the charger is on. When CEN is high, the charger turns off. CEN does not affect the SYS output. In many systems, there is no need for the system controller (typically a microprocessor) to disable the charger, because the MAX8903_ smart power selector circuitry independently manages charging and adapter/battery power hand-off. In these situations, CEN may be connected to ground.