Does Interference Occurs Here?

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    Feb 2, 2013
    Consider the following..
    Wireless Transmitter and Receiver using ASK RF Modules

    It uses ASK RF transmitter and receiver pairs (315 or 433MHz). Data is send after encoding using HT12E and the received data is decoded using HT12D..

    I want to operate more than one transmitters at the same time, each have different address set using address pins of HT12E.......... There is only one receiver... it wants to receive one transmitter at a time... by changing the address of HT12D, it can receive all transmitters...

    My question is does the simultaneous transmission will result in interference and will it affect reception...???
    If yes. .how can it be overcome...

    Thanks in Advance...
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    Jul 21, 2012
    My feeling is that you won't be able to use more than one transmitter at a time if you just turn them all on & hope they won't interfere with each other.
    As far as I can see,the RF link is just a simple one,so it cannot see multiple carriers on different frequencies simultaneously.

    The only way I can see you can do this is have multiple transmitters on the same frequency & use a form of Time Division Multiplexing,so that each Transmitter transmits in turn.

    The Receiver will then decode each signal in turn.

    I'm not sure quite how you would synchronise the time segments--GPS?

    If you had a two way system,you could use a form of "handshaking"so that the remote terminal,as soon as it receives a signal from a transmitter would tell that transmitter to "go ahead" ,whilst telling the others to "shut up".

    This would allow you to only use some transmitters & not have the receiver sitting there waiting for a disabled transmitter to come up in its allocated time segment.