Does anyone know if a board exists for this purpose?

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Hi all.
I want to design a system to allow me to plug it in a high-speed home network and plug into my tv and surf the net with a wireless keyboard in my living room on my big screen. Does a system exist that can allow me to do this? If so, please let me know who to contact and if not, where do I start?
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Yes. It's called computer :D Specifically you need one with a TV/Video out port. Or if your TV has either DVI or HDMI port, then it is better to go this route and get a computer that has DVI/HDMI.


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I'm feeling mighty dull....
There was an internet appliance that connected to the internet and did all you ask. It was hideously limited and I'm blanking on what it was called.

What you're asking for is a basic computer that has an ethernet/wifi/etc network connection that then lets you use a wireless keyboard and mouse.

mini-ITX+bluetooth+videocard that has the right outputs+ bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

You can build it pretty cheap and use Ubuntu Linux which will do every basic internet and office thing you could want and saves enough money to buy more ram. If you want a game PC then you're stuck with whinedoz.