Does anyone have any experience with ECG's and how to keep them as simple?

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Hello there,

First I will start by saying that this isn't strictly an electronics project, just using a small dabble of electronics to achieve a goal. I have used ECG's before but before most of the circuitry was provided already in order to get the information dis.played on a graph on a computer, so I am unsure if I should pursue this project idea or not, depending on how difficult it turns out to be. As I said it is not an electronics project so ideally I would be keeping it as simple as possible as to not waste too much time trying to make it work.

But anyway, I want to be able to use muscle readings as a means of controlling sound. This would potentially be done through an Arduino and Max MSP / PD. So all that I really require are values to be read into the Arduino that will have a decent variation in order to provide more depth of sound.

Just looking to know from anyone with experience if this is even a possibility or whether the readings would even have a wide enough range. This is just a thought process at the moment, I was just trying to think of interesting analogue signals I could use to manipulate sound.

If so, would the required circuitry be complicated or could this be achieved with a relatively simple set up? I am just considering in my mind whether this idea is more trouble than it is worth or not.

Thanks for any help, I know its a little vague, but it is all currently just ramblings in my head.

edit : just realised I made a terrible typo in the title


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edit : just realized I made a terrible typo in the title
1) Yeah. It's electromyogram.
2) Everything is simple, right after you know how.
3) This kind of machine is so sensitive that it is plagued with problems from external interference. If you are not going to lay on your back in a quiet room to control the sounds, you are in for a rude surprise.

I do not recommend this approach as a fun way to make music.