Does any one have a knight rider scanner light circuit diagram?

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    Nov 23, 2010
    I Dont know to much about placements on circuitry.

    If i can find a diagram I can build it. Other wise I'm just dumb.

    I know I will need a A pic. Im buying a programmer that takes interchangeable PIC's to program then use for what ever purpose.
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    Have a read through this thread:
    I posted a Knight Rider type circuit in reply #14. The black diodes can be of the 1N914/1N4148 computer switching diode variety. The 4017 and 4093 IC's have a prefix of CD or HEF or MC1 depending upon the manufacturer. Make sure that you buy DIP packages (dual inline pin) because the smaller packages are hard for hobbyists to work with. If you use 74HCnnnn parts, you will be "stuck" working with a range of ~4.5v to 6v; if you use the other prefixes, you can use from ~4v to ~16v; just the 220 Ohm resistor R3 would need to be changed.

    The IC power and ground pins are not shown, neither are the mandatory 0.1uF (100nF) capacitors across the IC supply and ground pins.

    Link to schematic:
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