Docs on early μPDxxxC and M58xx Japanese MOS ICs (~ 1970 Databooks/Datasheets NEC and Mitsubishi?)

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I am looking for old databooks/datasheets from NEC and Mitsubishi, in order to find the pinouts and function of early series Japanese MOS ICs. These include e.g. μPD105C, μPD112C, μPD128C, etc. from NEC and M5811, M5812, etc... from Mitsubishi. These are SSI ICs and belong to the class of flip-flops in various combinations, ring counters, shift registers etc used in early japanese desk calculators / computers. These rely on -24V / 0V logical levels. Year of production estimated between 1968 - 1972. Thus databooks / datasheets from both companies from 1969, 70, 71, 72 most likely contain the info. Any hint where to find this info most welcome.