Do You Have Walmarts In Your Country.

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Is there a Walmarts near you. Also I heard a round table
conversation that said,we have two banks, who knows
the two largest banks in the world.Would the world bank
be one,would the federal reserve be the other. Will the stock
market be up or down on Christmas Day,any opinions.
You want to try a number where the stockmarket will be.


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On the topic of walmart and banks, is there a bank inside your walmart? there is in mine. A very pushy bank at that. I used to go there for western union wire transfers because it was convenient. every time the guy would try to get me to open an account. I would always decline. He would always make a remark like "You know if you were a member, ...." Then one time I came up about 10min from their closing time and asked if they were open; all the employees checked their watches, sighed in unison, and grudgingly replied "yes" - so I began filling out the western union paper. Then they all got up in arms and one particularly sassy lady behind the counter said "oh, no we're not open". I replied "you were open 10 seconds ago when I asked". She replied "well, we're not open for that". I turned red, lost my temper, crumpled up the western union paper and threw it across the counter on the floor and walked off mumbling expletives. So then the next time I was walking through walmart, the same guy who always did my western union before was standing outside the bank soliciting passers by. He asked me if I would like to open an account. I gave him a couple of seconds to recognize me, and I said "seriously dude, are you really going to panhandle me?". Since then they have ventured out further into walmart, past the walmart register, into the main aisle, solicing their bank. If I had free time, I would go get a bunch of random bank flyers and stand out there with them, simultaneously soliciting other banks to the same people they are trying to solicit.


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Where in the philippines? I never saw a walter mart there. just SM, Robinson, etc. my wife lived there her whole life and never heard of it
Wal*Mart and Super Wal*Mart in Sonora, Mexico. Not too shabby and geared more to the Mexican lifestyle of course.

Also, Home Depot and Costco in Mexico and just about any chain franchise you can think of, including Dairy Queen.


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Yah know here there building all these Walmart neighborhood groceries that are like normal grocery stores. We have the superwalmarts too but now where theirs gaps their putting in these grocery stores.