Do I need to use magnet wire for this?

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    So you might know that inductive power transfer is on the rise and there are a lot of new products using this like this battery-less mouse. mouse.JPG
    Okay so anyways, I have been doing this project with its sole purpose in do some inductive coupling aka wireless power transfer. I have used arduino to create a 120 khz square wave frequency.

    Question one, I NEED a circuit that is very easy to build which turns Dc power into AC power using the dc source.

    Here is some backround info on electro' induction.
    Scroll down to resonant induction.
    Now second question... These two coils, do they need to be magnet wire. Or can they just be plain old copper wire.
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    Plain old copper wire, depending on you definition, is either uninsulated, or else has a much thicker insulation applied than the enamel on the magnet wire.

    In the first case, the coil would simply be a dead short, and not function at all. In the second case, the coils would occupy a much greater volume than with magnet wire. The coil would be significantly less inductive due to the greater turn spacing, so the circuit would not function as expected.

    Check this site for odd lengths of magnet wire -
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    You can use any kind of wire. Magnet wire has the advantage of thin insulation, which means that you can use less wire to get the same number of turns in a smaller space, and that means less resistance per turn, which means higher efficiency.
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