Do I need mosfets to test IR2110 like this

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Hi everyone,
I bought an IR2110 mosfet high/low side driver.
For the first step, i have tested the IC like this,.......see the attachment.

Iam getting the pulses at low side i.e., at the pin LO w.r.t ground but at the pin HO i.e., high side it is nil.

Do i need to connect the mosfets to see the pulses in the oscilloscope.
I have used the boot cap as 1 micro farad and the diode is 1n4148.

Till now i have fired many mosfets. I dont want to take any risk financially.
Help me



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Increase the value of the capacitors. I use 22uF. As for the diode, it's ok, but you'd be better off using UF4007/BYV26.
You can not test the high side on an oscilloscope as the Vs pin is "virtually" grounded, not physically, so the oscilloscope can not see the pulse. To see if the pulse is there, connect the Vs pin to gnd, then see the wave on the scope and then remove the joint from the Vs pin to gnd and connect your MOSFETs.


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I myself dont understand the calculation much, but I'm suggesting the value based on practical experiment, where I always used 22uF and the circuits always worked fine.
Good luck on your project.