DNS and GNZ ?

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    What is the point of Wins (old ) and GNZ (new) server services for netbios.

    Cann't you do everything in a zone file in dns with cnames , and A / AAAA names ,...etc

    why the need for a second more localized names server on the network.

    I see no point in it

    Essentially DNS can do everything for associating names to ip address which essentially the only thing netbios , wins ,...dns ,...etc is used for if people remembered ip address we wouldn't have these problems
    Or the need for these services
    So why not for the love of god do everything with one services like they do with active directory.
    As well DNS is not tied to any specific os arch ,...etc
    But I am sure they will make some stupid feature to keep it around
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    WINS is for NetBIOS. DNS is not the same. You are mistaken to think that "netbios, wins, dns etc is for associating name to ip addresses". That is incorrect. NetBIOS is a different protocol. But to confuse things they did make it so it ran on top of TCP/IP. If you don't know what WINS is you most likely don't need it. Turn it off and forget about it.

    Remember in the old days most small networks didn't run TCP/IP. Thus DNS wasn't available--it runs on TCP/IP stack.