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    Dec 15, 2011
    Hey! i have this list of dld projects.but im not finding any way to implement these. can anyone please help me out to make any one from these or out of these? i have to submit it few days and on univerity student level. it should be short and comprehensive. kindly hepl me out.

    1. Data Storage Devices
    2. Integrated Circuits (IC) Manufacturing Steps
    3. Registers & its Types
    4. Digital Stop Watch
    5. Finite State Machine (FSM) Model of Traffic Signal
    6. Digital Frequency Meter
    7. Computer
    8. Comparative analysis of Logic Families
    9. Types of Memories
    10. Introduction to ASIC
    11. Cricket Score Board
    12. Four Digit Code Cracker
    13. Traffic Light Control Circuit
    14. Digital Clock
    15. ADC & DAC
    16. Calculator
    17. Standard Buses
    18. Amplifier optimized signal strength generator
    19. Digital Dice Counter
    20. Automatic Traffic Signal Controller
    21. Timed Beeper
    22. Electronic Dice
    23. Cricket Score Board
    24. Digital Dice with Guess Comparison
    25. Digital Calendar
    26. Programmable Frequency Divider Circuit
    27. IR based Shooting Game
    28. Digital Clock