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    I've built a lightning detector that uses chokes/caps in the circuit and a wire antenna to receive RF signals.

    This website sells tuned antennas, for a bunch of things, one being lightning detectors, but don't deliver outside the US. I've searched high and low for instructions/formula/designs for similar, but have turned up surprisingly little.

    Can anyone give advice on building something similar to their 350kHz tuned antenna, 3/4 way down the webpage... even some theory to get me started...


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    an antenna for lightning detection dosnt have to be tuned or resonant at a particular frequency. lightning is broad band. a lot of detectors I have seen use a voltage probe (short vertical antenna) without any tuning at all. the only reason for the tuned circuit in the detector is to eliminate baroadcast band signals. an antenna for 350 khz would be very long, and a lightning hazard besides. the lightning detector network across the US uses short vertical antennas and loops to detect distance and direction. the phase of the crossed loops is used to get direction. and the short verticals get the signal strength to work out distance.
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