DIY Sonography, possible?

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Is it possible to build my own sonography machine? I've searched the net, the diy projects don't have the resolution of the medical equipments.

There was a link about British Columbia University researchers inventing a material which would make DIY sonography possible in $100, but I'm unable to find any links to that project, which gives me a list of equipment, etc.


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Hi @SignalBocking

So you looking at a home made ultrascan device ?

Following on from your other posts,
is this to find the implant in your head ?

Please be very careful,
Ultra sound, if powerful or focused, heats ,

I understand from your other posts, your looking at scanning your head,
The head has a large bone around it, which tends to block a lot of the ultra sound,
so you would need a lot of power,
and the last thing we want you to do is to "cook" you head,


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Seek medical help. IMHO I think your schizophrenic. Not poking at you, but seriously your perception of reality is altered by incorrect chemistry going on in your body. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you persist, stop looking for the alleged device and simply kill it. Any significant EM pulse will fry a receiver. If the issue persists beyond and EM pulse- then there is no device, it's chemistry- see a doctor.


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I suspect that you are not skilled enough to persue a project like this safely, and it is unlikely that our membership has the experience to guide you. This thread is locked.
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