DIY Solar Controller Design

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    Feb 1, 2010
    Here's all the source files for the DIY Solar Controller.

    I can post a link to order the PC board on Batch PCB service if you're interested.

    I've been putting more time into antique audio electronics lately and I wanted to make this solar controller work available.

    This is everything you need to build a micro-controller based, current limiting solar controller. It's open source. It can intelligently charge 12V SLA batteries, run motors (water pumps, etc.) and control LED lighting. It's built for a 12V system. Be safe and test any build thoroughly and house it in a metal box if it's going to be left unattended. Read about battery safety.

    I hope you can make the world a little bit more solar powered with this information. This is a useful design for any medium sized remote, solar application. I've tested it with a 60 watt panel and 18aH battery and it works great. It will run boat bilge pump all day in the sun or run a set of LED outdoor lights for most of the night. The tech in this board is a great start of any solar powered project that needs power measured in amp hours. There are already many that provide milli-amp hours for small stuff.

    Here's the zip file with everything needed.

    Let me know you have any questions or run into any problems.