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I am building a remote start circuit for my vehicle. Once finished I would like to make the circuit public and post it on here for everyone to use and learn from. I already have everything figured out for it except for two important components.

First I need a circuit that will delay a pluse output for ~10 minutes to turn off my ignition. This pluse will be going to a momemtary to latch circuit I have controlling the ignition relays. The timing doesn't have to be exact, just around 10 minutes. This will be used to kill the vehicle if it was accidentally triggered.

Second I need a RPM switch to turn off the starter solenoid input at around 500 rpm. I am not certian on the RPM, I do know that both vehicles getting this circuit installed have an idle rpm of 650.

My original remote start consisted of a 4-button remote that had on button to turn on the ignition and another to engage the starter. I had a relay hooked up to my alternators test output that would disengage the stater input when the alternator was up to speed. This worked great most of the time, but sometimes the output would fluctuate and grind the starter. An RPM activated switch would be much safer.

I will be using an AVS remote, model AVSREC4 with this set up, but any can be used. I was going to integrate it into my factory key fob, but the range sucks and they only last a few years. The AVS one has a metal case and I have used it for the past 4 years with no problems.

I will post my pre sketches later on so that everyone can get a better idea of what I am working on.



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