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I new to this forum. I need help. I working on diy fan controller for 14 fans for my water cooling pc. I like to have the lcd to show the Temperature and the fans speed. I like to have a tft lcd I'm looking it two of them 7inch HDMI+VS-2668-N1 or 7'' TFT LCD Module +2AV Driver Board +Touch Screen +VGA Car Display. What is the better one? The fans controller has 5 irfz44 transistor, Microcontroller and Temperature Sensors. The Microcontroller I'm going to use is the PIC32MX360F512L, with 512 KB Flash and 32 KB RAM is that over kill. The Temperature Sensors is the DS17212-Wire Digital Thermometer and Thermostat. I'm going to put a sd memory card to save memory. what I need help with is getting the
Microcontroller and the tft lcd working together so it show the fans speed and the temperature on the lcd

7'' TFT LCD Module +2AV Driver Board +Touch Screen +VGA Car Display

7inch HDMI+VS-2668-N1
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You could use a 32 bit PIC, but you could probably do a job like that with a more basic part, like a PIC18 (8 bit) or PIC24 (16 bit). Though, if you want to learn about the 32 bit PICs, that would be a good way to do it.

You probably won't need all that much program memory. Other than interfacing the display, what you're trying to do is a basic task for a micro-controller. I'd imagine 64k would be ample. Though, it depends to some extent on the LCD driver and the programming language. For example, using assembly usually results in more compact machine code that requires less program memory.

The 32 bit PICs are designed to be programmed using C. You'll need a library to interface the LCD. Libraries for every display are not always available so you'll need to check that. In some cases, you need to write your own driver which can be quite a task for a color graphic display.

TFT displays are more invovled since they are typically color and you have to program each color for each pixel. I've written a driver myself for a mono-color graphic FSTN display and it was a fairly big task.

To get the job done most simply, I'd use a text mode display and a 8 or 16 bit PIC. I'd use assembly and probably be able to do it with less than 8KB of program memory. Data memory required would probably be less than 100 bytes.