dividing two binary numbers

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  1. jayjay23

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    Sep 30, 2011
    can anyone please help me on how to write a code using mplap PIC18F26J11 to divide 2 binary numbers. already started the code but i dont know how to do the rest.

    after my initialization
    for example [0101,0011]

    MOVF PORTB,0 ; move data in port-b to w-reg
    MOVWF 0X0; move data in w-reg to address 0x0
    MOVWF 0X1; move same data in 0x01
    SWAPF 0X0,1; swap data in 0x0 and save it in itself
    MOVLW 0X0F; move [0000,1111] into w-reg
    ANDWF 0X0,1; and data in oxo with data in w-reg and save it in itself
    ANDWF 0X1,1; and data in ox1 with data in w-reg and save it in itself
    MOVF 0X0,0; move data in 0x0 into w-reg

    this is where i got stuck because i could'nt find a function that says *DIVF* and the answer is will be moved in to PORT-C

    help please :confused:
  2. ErnieM

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    Apr 24, 2011
    If you mean "instruction" then you are correct, there is no instruction to do division on these devices. You either have to write one yourself or find some code online and copy it.

    The simpler you make it the shorter and easier the code (unsigned bytes are the simplest).