divide frequency by transistor

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i have 120v(800 hz) i need to divide this frequency to be 400 HZ BY USING TRANSISTORS SO HOW CAN I DO THIS


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link for dircuit diagram.

This circuit designs to upward for divide by the frequency of a signal input , give down left just the half then to export come to the way output. Because of the transistor Q1 (BC549) bias stay the condition not active it then active get especial while signal input be positive volt only. This circuit modifies from oscillator model colpitts , Tank Circuit that compose L1,C4 and C5 can fine about 16.5 kHz. When get a signal input 30-60kHz the circuit lock and oscillator Generator in 15-30kHz frequency detail other sections

first check ur task with given values in circuit then you can change values of components to get desired task...

i hope it will be helpful for u.