Distortion Power factor

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I do not understand the concept of distortion power factor? Please somebody help on this. I have explained my question below in detail.
There are two types of power factor
1. Displacement
2. Distortion
1. Displacement Power factor
The voltage and current wave forms displaced an angle of θ, then Power waveform(Multiplication of Voltage and current waveform) become both positive and negative direction .It refers power is flowing in both direction source to load and load to source; this indicates power factor is less than unity. This concept is clearly understood.
2. Distortion Power factor
The Voltage and distorted current are in phase, then Power waveform become only in positive direction means Source to load, here there is no power transferred to source at any cost, then how power factor term will come here?


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Look up and post the definition your text has for distortion power factor so that we can discuss it while being on the same page. I suspect you will find that what is being referred to is power that ends up in the harmonics.