Displaying 8bits numbers in 2 display?

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Hi to all!
So, my final assignment is an adder/multiplier that receives 2 4bit numbers and add or multiply them, as selected by the user, all done using gates and flip flops, no ALU allowed :(

Well, all is (almost) done, my last step is to display the result, in decimal format.
My output is a 8bit number, but the teacher will allow me to get aways by just displaying the results in a 0-99 range, so that I only need 2 4-segment displays to show the result.

And here is where I'm a little lost...

I *could* create a decoder that takes in the 8bit number and has 2 4bits outputs, each to a separate display, as needed. Now, this would imply considering 100 combinations... just no so practical, but at least doable (for my low skills...)

Other option is to, somehow, divide the resultant number by 10, display the cocient in the left display and the rest in the right display. This option seems way more elegant and, also, above my knowdledge on how to implement it. I have searched the web for "binary divider" but haven't been able to find something usefull...

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Best regards