Displaying 2 digit number on separate 7 segment displays

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Good day

I'm struggling to display a number from 10-14 using 2 separate 7 segment displays. I only have IC's at my disposal. The carry bit displaying the "1" or "0" on the second display works, just can't get the right results on the first one,
"0-4". Please help!

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Here is a representation of my 3 bit adder with outputs to 4 LED's, using logic gates. Secondly a circuit where I have made use of IC's, where 6+4= 10, but I get an answer of 12.

I was able to get the "1" of the tens working, via f = (bit3*bit2)+(bit3*bit1).
bit0 = 2^0
bit1 = 2^1
bit2= 2^2
bit3= 2^3

In an attempt to get the ones working when the answer is above 9, I came up with the following logic: d= f XOR bit3.

I have the following ICs available:

7408 Quad 2-input AND
7432 Quad 2-input OR
7486 Quad 2-input XOR
(7447 7-Seg driver) X2
7404 Inverter

Hope this helps.