Display 4digit 7-segment code using Zilog MCU

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Is there a shorter coding to enable quadruple digit LED display(4digit7seg) to be displayed when buttons are pressed. For example there are 3 buttons,each representing number1,2 and3 and 1 extra Enter button.

1. The first digit of the quadruple 7seg will be ready for input, either one of the number buttons are pushed and the number will display on the 7seg.
2. Then we select the Enter button to save the number and also to go to the 2nd digit of the 7seg display.
3. The cycle continues to insert the number for the 2nd digit, enter, and will go on to the 3rd and finally the 4th digit.
4. When Enter is pressed for the last time, all 4 numbers will display on the 7seg.
5.Press Enter again and the it will go back to the 1st digit display.

The problem is that the coding i created using C language is able to insert the number and save it but it does not follow the sequence from digit 1 of the 7seg to the 4th digit in the 7seg. It jumps randomly. Is anyone able to help me solve or hint on how to figure this out? Thanks in advance.