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    May 11, 2009
    Hi all
    My nephew (16 years) has just started on technical college. He is not very experienced. But he is an explorer. So for his birthday and xmas he thought it was a good idea if I gave him a pickit 2, and used this as base for building things. I will support him with parts and schematics. I guess, I have to build most of the projects in the the beginning (by helping him a lot) but he will learn as time goes by. One of the the projects he has mentioned is disco light. I do not know if this is the correct term. But it will be 3 light bulbs (low voltage of course) "blinking" with the music. I am not quite sure how this works. has any some pointers? Is it just as simple as making 3 band pass filters and then compare the output level to a set point? Any input is welcome ;)
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    The circuit is a "color organ". They were the thing to make with TRIACS 35 years ago.

    The principle is correct - you use filters to select portions of the audio spectrum to respond to. You might filter and sample for the filter levels with the arduino.

    Here are some links - http://www.discovercircuits.com/C/color-org.htm

    This is a great example of how not to make one, unless you are impressed with the sheer difficulty and unnecessary complication - http://www.electronicpeasant.com/projects/ledlamps/ledcolor.html

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    May 26, 2009
    They have a music light project in the book "Electronic Projects for Dummies," which will have LEDs "dance" to the music. It contains a MIC that will pick up the music source and respond to high-or-low frequency sounds (you might be able to find it at the library, Chapter 5-wasn't sure if I could post the schematic due to Copyright). Unfortunately you mentioned three lights, but this is more extensive and, well, it actually has 16 LEDs.

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    May 11, 2009
    Oh yes you can almost hear the sound of "Do The Hustle" form the speakers, but that was before my time time
    But for about 25 years ago i was drooling on the those kit in the hobby store. I remember that they had a kit that cost somewhat more than the others. It was using an additive color model, or at least claiming doing so. Anyway those kit were to expensive, so i never bought one. Then i started to work at the mall at the weekends, and got some money, well I was 18 and the money were used on things like gas, beer and very expensive pink leather ties and other stupid looking clothing :rolleyes:. If I close my eyes I can hear the intro to "Miami Vice" playing in the background

    Well anyway thanks for the tips Electronerd and Beenthere it was very useful input.
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    Sep 26, 2009
    Yo can always do something with more LED's >> Here is a schematic of an AUDIO Analyzer circuit I used....[​IMG]