Disassembling Round, Multi Pin Connector Question

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Hello All!
On a device with an 8-pin connector, two wires are electrically open inside the sleeve of the female part of the connector. Upon opening the device to diagnose, I found that the manufacturer had routed the wires with much stress, thus breaking wires.

I have encountered M8 & M12 connectors many times in the past and disassembling them for service hasn't been troublesome. The one pictured below, however, has me stumped.

On the side of the sleeve are two holes. One had a set screw in it and one simply was filled with silicone caulk.
I had to drill out the set screw, as the head's screwdriver socket or slot was drilled round. (All the screw heads to open the device were also so drilled.)

The hole for the set screw, I drilled to the point where I can see the brass of the ground shell. On the silicone filled hole, the hole goes simply to more aluminum. The body was milled from one, solid piece of aluminum. The diameter of the body is approximately 12mm at the socket end.

Do any of you have any tips for removing the socket from this connector's body so I may access the wires in the shell?

Thanks Much for sharing your expertise. It's appreciated.
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