Disable the 'timing' of one side of a 556 circuit

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    Disable the 'timing' of one side of a 556 circuit

    I have a Wii wireless extended sensor bar (I like it better that the standard one) that I modified to accept an external regulated voltage source when I need it at home. I left it the ability to run off of batteries when I travel. This works great.

    The only issue I have is that it has a 556 timer that lets you select one or two hours of use before it shuts down. Remember this was a battery only device. I would like to keep one timer (either the 1hr or the 2hr) useable for when I am on batteries and I would like to disable one to supply endless power when it is plugged in.

    You can select 1 or 2 hr by a push button.

    How can I disable one of these circuits on this timer?

    BTW: I assume it is a 556 timer. There is a chip with 17 legs and of course two settings (one and two hour) and a few capacitors I assume that control the timing. There are no markings.

    Edit: It is 14 pins - Typo.
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    A 556 has only 14 pins. I don't know of a chip with an odd number of pins. Yours is probably either a microcontroller (e.g. PIC), and you miscounted, or it is a custom chip.
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    17 legs? Your on your own with that, friend.

    Are you sure its a 556?

    It may be a 556+ using a base 556 and made into a house part of an OEM specific manufacture.

    But 17 pins?

    Take a picture of that and post it, would ya?


    That reminds me of a bad joke..

    What goes 99-THUMP 99-THUMP?

    A centipede with a wooden leg! ;)

    Thank you, thank you! Ill be here all week.
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    My mistake it is 14 pins.