directv gene issues

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We got the hole home dvr system from DirecTV just over a year ago. it worked ner perfectly for first 5-6 mo. Then we started having thing where every 1-2 mo we have to reset the server receiver. I'm starting to wonder if server receiver is not faulty. I have occasionally walked up to it to turn it off, not recording, anything the hard drive was unusually loud, (this was like spindle motor sound like a loud whir, usually you can only get anything noticeable when the drives about to die.)

I haven't really seen any similar issues in my online research. Any body have this system, or an suggestions. I understand restart may not be big deal, as is sort of like a computer, and maybe they load updates some times, but out old receiver only locked up like one a year if that.

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It sounds like they need to send you new equipment. I'm no electronics whiz, but it sounds like you're paying them for service that you're not getting.

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Hard to say. We had a lot of these kinds of problems when I worked in the cable industry. It might be design bugs. Complain to your provider.