Directional RF receiver

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Anway I run a park, and in this park roam a multitude of large dogs. I want to know where and who they are at any given time.

I have setup a ptz camera that locates and points at motion, alternating between all of the motions within its FOV. Now all I need to do determine if what I am pointing at is a dog and whos dog it is.

I only need a range of about 25 meters as thats when the motion tracking starts to fail, and obviously it has to be accurate enough not to pick up a nearby dog as what I am currently looking at.

I was thinking of mounting a directional RF receiver onto the PTZ unit and put RF transmitters with unique IDs onto the collars of all the dogs.

Is this achievable?

Do you have any alternative ideas that would allow me to log the location of a specific dog?