Direction Finder / Signal homing device ?

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I am interested in building a small scale direction finder, preferably hand held.

Basically I want to be able install a small transmitter into some device, say a remote for example. Using that certain frequency I want to design a handheld detector that can somehow find where that signal is coming from. The range of the detector does not have to be very far, I would be happy with 5-10 feet.

Is this feasable?


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Losing the remote? ;) I hate when that happens. You could try to put a buzzer on it and a wireless reciver. Then you could ring the remote and find it!


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miniature FM transmitter and receiver. you could tap into post RF amp stage of the receiver and feed that to your op-amp gain stage(s), which can then be used to feed a LED bar graph, etc... as the receiver's RF output rises (due to signal getting stronger via your directional antenna (so a non-sensitive antenna might work best here in such close proximity environment) your gain stage also increase, etc...

or, just modify the receiver's RF gain output until the demodulator does not have enough signal to function (hence pointing away you dont get sound from the receiver). then point receiver right at transmitter and turn up receiver gain until you just get some sound output, etc.

i dunno, just a thought... probably 100 different ways to do this....