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    You PM'ed me, but you have your PM's turned off.

    Do you mean a thread on this forum? Well, you could search for "MOSFET drivers", as that's probably what he is looking for.

    As far as other forums that might help with this - I have no idea what other forums might entertain the idea. Perhaps if the question was put "how do I get a MOSFET to turn on and off quickly" then favorable responses will be returned; but probably not if "HHO" is referenced.


    The video and site you linked to make references to Stan Myers, who was a snake-oil salesman; a scam artist, a con man. I've reviewed some of the "documents", and it's horse manure. The trouble is, people really want to believe that you can get free energy from water, which is technically an ash; what remains when you ignite oxygen and hydrogen. As a result, well-meaning "free energy" people become separated from their money in their quest for the promised, but non-existent "holy grail".

    The most efficient way to generate hydrogen is via methane reformation using superheated steam; it's about 70% efficient, and more efficient than electrolysys. It's how hydrogen is produced commercially.

    Solar panels are completely different, as they are powered by a huge nuclear reaction that is continuing to occur some 93,000,000 miles from us; and will at some point far in the future run out of energy, and cease to emit light/heat/radiation.

    However, the matter is closed. If you wish to pursue such voodoo psuedo-science that defies the laws of physics, nobody will stop you - but you won't be able to discuss it on this forum, as it is against the policies in place.