dipping of voltage when reset button in ATMega32 is switched on

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    Mar 8, 2009
    hi guys,
    i am working on ATmega32 micro controller for my project. in my project i am controlling the number of step of a PMSM(permenent magnent syn machine).
    i am controlling in such a manner that if i keep 5v( i am using ADC for controlling my steps) my machine should run 250 steps and the no of steps are varied according to the voltage i apply to ADC. so if keep 1v my machine should move 50 steps( 5v it move 250 steps it has a linear proportion) and it is running successfully and i am generating 5v from 7805 and i am varying this voltage at ADC with a potentiometer for controlling my steps. But the problem is that if i keep 4v at ADC by using potentiometer(POT) with reset button in off position, when i am tunning on my reset swith the voltage across ADC pin is falling down from 4v to 3.5v, so it is reducing the steps to be moved. i got the problem bez of potentiometer(loading effect) it is falling. so how can i maintain same voltage when reset button is on or off.
    plz help me guys