Dip Switch replacement for Simple Combination Lock

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I was surfing the internet for a combination lock circuit and stumbled across this site on how to do it. I love the way it is so intuitive and you get a "Enter" button and feedback LED's on whether you did the code right.

for those not familiar with what circuit I am talking about:

My question is the Dip switches are very small to fiddle with. Can I replace them with a set of ordinary switches? or do Dip Switches have a characteristic about them that would prevent such a swap? and if they do what kind of switches? On/Off or ones that divert the circuit path?

Purpose for this curcuit. I play paintball, and my friends and I like to do scenario games at my grandfathers farm. :D We was wanting to do a defuse the bomb scenario, but wanted an intense defusing period before time ran out. (note the "Bomb" payload is just a loud DC speaker one you don't want to go off when your right next to it :D)

This is why a easy combination and lart tactile switches are needed so anybody can set and defuse the code :) especially in the heat of battle when paintballs are whizzing over you ;)

by the way what would I have to do to get this circuit to turn off power to the timer when the correct code is set?

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Question about using larger switches is you can. Any single pole single throw switch will do, even a standard 1 way light switch used in house wiring. I recommend small bat handled toggle switches available from a number of suppliers, most available (and probably most expensive) Radio Shack. My personal choice is Digkey or Jameco.

As for arming and disarming the circuit, you will need some form of latching circuit to arm with the correct code releasing the latch. There are countless possibilities, from relay circuits to programmable controllers. Look for a motor control circuit with start/stop push buttons as a good example of the relay logic to do this. :ph34r: