diodes in series

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read and respond. I am in the process of restoring an old RF amp I recently changed the caps in the filter section and now replaced the HV diodes in the power suppy from single 3kv the a string on 1n4007. I have read that to equlize the voltage drop accross the diodes I need to add a cap and resistor in paralle accross each diode in series. My question is does anybody have the formula for finding the value of the resistor needed. Thanks


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In that case, you must use a very high value resistors in paralel. Capacitors won't be needed. There are no formulas, but if you know the reverse resistance of a diode (or the reverse leakage current), then its resistor must have 20 times smaller resistance (or to be biased by a 20 times greater current). I think 10MOhms should do it. I expect a diode to have more than that.