diode in parallel with resistor

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Hello, I have attached an image and am required to find the current through the diode (Id) and and the current flowing through the resistor (Ir).

Im using KCL so I have Is -Ir - Id=0 (where Is is the current source)

10mA -Ir -Id =0
Ir + Id = 10mA

I dont know where to go from here however...I want to use ohms law to obtain another equation but due to no voltage source Im not sure...



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The diode sets the voltage across the resistor...the voltage across both must be equal. If for some reason, voltage across the R and D climbed higher, more current would flow through the diode thus dropping the voltage back to .7V. Therefore the current through the resistor must be .7V/200R =3.5mA. Since you are driving both the resistor path and the diode path with a 10 mA current source, the rest of the current must flow through the diode, therefore it's passing 10-3.5mA=6.5mA.