digitization of sensor array

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    Jul 10, 2010
    Hi all
    I need to digitize a 32 channel sensor array, hosed in a pipe of 50mm diameter and 6m length. Sensors are hydrophones integrated with preamplifiers. Simultaneous sampling is required with 20Ksamp/s/ch be the required sampling rate.
    To further complicate the matter, I need to send digitized data over 1000m quad cable (AWG30) or coaxial cable.One thought was to send digitized data over ethernet format but it had its own problems and limitations (as mentioned in my previous post).
    Can any one give me the idea how to accomplish this task?The hardware for digitization and data sending needed to be fitted in 50mm dia pipe.I have used cirrus logic CS5368 8 channel ADC IC and with four of these ICs i can digitize whole array but one problem i face is how (and on what format) to send the combine data over 1000m quad/coaxial cable(i have limitations to use repeaters or optical fiber).
    This will be a prototype designing which if successful will extend to a 128 channel sensor array.
    Any other soution or idea will be much appreciated.
    Best Regards