Digital works 95, need help creating a 4-function 4-bit ALU macro i have no clue plea

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Hi there, this is for University project and im completely stuck dont know how to do it,
i need to create it using digital works, a 4 bit 4 function ALU. it needs to include AND NOR NAND, Full adders and a multiplexer ((comprised of a 2 to 4 Decoder and 4 input Selector).
i have no clue how to even start, our lecturer sucks and we didnt spend anytime on this software at all and how to use it all i know is how to design the 6 main types of logic gates and thats it, we are given the main inputs and wiring harness to start but thats it, and from that we have to create 4, 1-bit ALUs
here is a screenshot of what we are given to start, thanks


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Life is unfair. Nobody in industry holds your hand while information is shoveled in. Maybe if you'd quit whining and and did what the guys who are going to get A's are doing you'd feel better about yourself.


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Not being acquainted with the software is natural and expected. It is also where very few, or none, of our members can help you because we don't own the software.

On the other hand, as far as the circuit itself is concerned, we can provide enough. But you have to make the start.
Do you know which operations the ALU will perform?
Do you know how to implement each of these operations with logic gates?

Probably you should first build a logic diagram of your project, in order to describe the signal flow as you imagine it. Post a bit of your work and we 'll try to help you next.


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In education, as in life, the value of a teacher is not that he/she fills your brain with piles of information. Oh no! They teach you how to find out the things you need by presenting you with challenges. You might want to look at a datasheet for the 74181 4-bit ALU. It might just fire up your imagination.